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I go along with Winston with the idea of using a light sedative or tranquilizer. I have a couple other suggestions that might be of value as well. Google Thundershirt for cats I bought one this summer for a cat who was having problems with electrical storms and it works quite well for him. Something else that I have used and introduced it to our Vets in town is Clipnosis, This technique works quite well on some cats. One day, a friend of mine told me about an incident that she heard about after I had mentioned it to her. She introduced this to her vet. It happened that her vet had a cat that they wanted to do a physical on, and three of them could not hold the cat down. Then they remembered the clipnosis and applied it and were absolutely amazed at how easy it was to work on the cat. What I use is a 2 inch metal binder clip from Staples. It works quite well I will enclose a website, at the bottom, but you can also Google clipnosis for cats, and have a look at some of the You Tube videos and articles on clipnosis. One other thing that I've seen is a collar that is made out of plastic and is shaped like a funnel and extends beyond the cat's ears. This funnel shaped collar makes it a little more difficult for the cat to turn and bite anybody that is working on her/him. I haven't had any experience with this collar, but it's worth checking out.

Check your local pet food stores. I understand some of them are now carrying the thundershirt's for dogs, but they should also be able to get the ones for cats, which could be faster than buying over the Internet if you're of a mind to go that way.

These are very trying times for you and the cat and I do hope for the best for you both, and it is not something serious. Please keep us informed.
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