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Trouble is I can't hold the dog and take the photo, and everyone else has dogs to hold too. Maybe when she can do stays, hey? Jarrah does seem to enjoy it, Hazel. She thought a bouncy little poodle cross might have been something worth chasing but I had to disallusion her. DD, I found the Mal to be very lightfooted and gentle, surprised me really. I'm always interested in other breeds. I was just thinking what solid balls of muscle ACDs can be, and certainly not lightfooted and , looking ahead, I hope Jarrah doesn't develope a recall like my Sweetie had. Sweetie would come so fast she'd have to skid to a halt. If Jarrah does that she'll probably not stop in time and bowl me .. ROFL.
Something just occured to me. I'd like to know where that woman got her Dobe pup with the docked tail now that docking is illegal here. Hmmmm! Nice to see another pup there though , a Cocker Spaniel, with its waggy bits.
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