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Unhappy My cat is not well

I am hoping someone can give me some advice. I have a feisty 13 year old cat who does not like to be touched. I have not had a successful vet visit in over 10 years as she won't let anyone near her. I chose to not put her through the strain of sedation in order to have a check-up. She is an indoor cat, well taken care of and in good health up to now.
I noticed the last couple of days that she appears to be very sore at her hind quarter - especially on her right side. She seems to run and jump fine, eats normal and expels normal. The only sign is that she yelps when I touch her side. I took her to emergency vet last night, but she would not let the vet near her or touch her. The vet gave me a bill for $152 and told me to take her to my vet. The problem is that my cat will behave the same at any vet I take her to. She is in pain and I just don';t know what to do. I can't keep paying oiut money when they can't even examine, but at the same time I can't watch her in pain.
Can anyone offer any advice? I am sobbing as I write this as I just don't know where to turn.
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