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Originally Posted by Katie and John View Post
New to this site. Me (John) and Katie (dog) are a hiking team in BC. Weather permitting, we hike every weekend, and all year round. We've been going at it since the spring of '09 and can't get enough.
Katie is a spayed Beagle/Walker Coonhound mix and will 5 years young very soon. : )

A link to our last hike. : )

A link to our Flickr page. : )

Pic #1: Upper Hanging Lake in Chilliwack, BC.
Pic #2: Mt. Wittenberg summit shot (Chilliwack, BC).
Pic #3: Mt. Windsor summit shot (N. Vancouver, BC).
What a sweet looking dog. I loves Beagle.

There is a book called 'Following Atticus' written by Tom Ryan
it is about a dog and his owner hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire . Your photos reminded me of the
Tom's on his web site.
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