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What an awesome morning!! It was raining lightly so I left the camera inside (which always means good birds ) when I went out to fill the feeders. First thing I saw as I rounded the corner of the fence was a woodcock!!! It was moseying around poking into the mole runnels for worms. Since it was in no hurry to leave, I ran up for the camera. Eventually, I got to within 15 feet of it before it wandered into the thickets. Then I heard a titmouse...always a pleasure to hear because we see them so infrequently. I was trying to take a picture of a downy woodpecker and a chickadee sharing the suet and just as I snapped the shot, a red-breasted nuthatch and the titmouse both landed on the feeder, too! whoot whoot At almost that same moment a wild turkey cackled about 20 feet away in the dogwood and made me jump...and about 30 seconds later, while I'm still looking for the turkey, a ruffed grouse saunters out of the raspberries and starts poking around where the woodcock had been earlier! Add an additional tufted titmouse, 10 or so fox sparrows, dozens of juncos, a swainson's thrush and 2 pine siskins and...well...let's just say hazel is a happy camper today! So excited that I put the blind up again after having retired it for the year. Not sure if the pics turned out, but I'll post some if they did. I have to get some pic photo files off my hard drive before downloading any more, though, so it might be a while...
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