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Originally Posted by marko View Post
The tablets are split in 2 so each one is 25mg - so 5mg x7 does put him under the safe dose,

Originally Posted by marko View Post
In terms of probiotics and potential allergies - any recommendations?
Probiotics might actually help with the allergies too. I'm a fan of Natural Factors Ultimate Multiand gave them to Aztec after his Convenia shot. If anyone is going to get diarrhea from antibiotics, it'll be him, but he's been having perfectly normal poopage. What I like about the Ultimate Multi is that it's high potency (billions of CFUs) and has multiple strains of organisms, to provide broad coverage. Plus you get good bang for your buck compared to many other brands out there. You only need a small pinch mixed into Baci's food, say about 1/4 of a capsule 2 or 3 times a day (although I've gone much higher without any issues). Do heed this warning as well, otherwise the probiotics will get wiped out by the antibiotics:
If taking antibiotics, take probiotics two hours before or two hours after the antibiotics are taken. Continue to use probiotics long after the antibiotics are finished.
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