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Just picked up two kittens from Shelter - They have fleas

Hi, we just lost our 5 year old kitty "Yoda" last Monday to pancreatitis (it happened so fast), and we were so heartbroken and missing our baby which we were very close to.

Yesterday we went out to get a new kitten because we knew it would help us keep our minds off Yoda. We ended up with two, because they seemed so attached.

This morning when I was holding one, I noticed it had fleas. Now I don't know how I should handle it. We brought them to the vet right away, and they gave them "Revolution" on the backs of their necks. They are only 6 1/2 weeks old, so the choices were limited. We looked through the kitties and can't find anymore, so they don't seem to be too infested with fleas.

I am really worried though since I have an older cat. He's stayed away from the kittens so far (its only been overnight), but I don't want him catching them.

I've vacuumed the house where the kittens were, and they've been sort of limited where abouts the wandered so far. They are kept the den for now.

We're sort of nervous to even hold them now they had fleas... can we hold them without worrying about getting fleas on us? They are so cuddly and want attention from us.

I can't afford to get a flea infested house... we're so tired from the emotional rollercoaster from losing Yoda... we don't have any more energy
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