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Originally Posted by marko View Post
So we booked a vet appointment and yesterday the vet gave him covenia at about 11 AM yesterday.
I've only had one Convenia experience and it seemed to start working within a couple days (was for an oral infection that my very difficult-to-pill senior citizen kitty had). My vet mentioned that the peak period for potential side effects to occur (which, like many other antibiotics, tend to be gastrointestinal - although there are much more serious ones to watch out for even if they're supposedly rare:, is about the 3 day mark.

Originally Posted by marko View Post
she also prescribed baytril for the next 2 weeks at 50 mg/each night.
How much does Baci weigh? My understanding is that the max dose for cats should be 5mg/kg per day. Higher than that and you risk retinal damage.

Originally Posted by marko View Post
Seems to me that today the sneezing has mostly gone away, but he still sounds very horse and still phlegmy whenever he moves around.
Might want to consider adding about 250-500mg twice a day of Lysine powder to Baci's diet while he has symptoms. 10 minutes of steam therapy a few times a day should also help loosen things up (hang out with him in the bathroom while you run a hot shower).

And absolutely start giving him probiotics! That amount of antibiotics in his system will decimate the good bacteria in his digestive tract and it could get ugly.

Good luck! Sick kitties are not fun.
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