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How long for Covenia - baytril to start working?

Hi members!

Seems little Baci (my 3 year old sphynx cat) got sick real fast this week.
He started spontaneous sneezing which 24 hours later also included coughing and sounded bad and 'phlegmy'. So we booked a vet appointment and yesterday the vet gave him covenia at about 11 AM yesterday.

Later on that day after the radiologist looked at the x-ray she thought it looked like an early pneumonia so she also prescribed baytril for the next 2 weeks at 50 mg/each night. last night he had his first dose of that. He slept fairly poorly last night as he was all 'blocked up' but slightly better than the previous night.

Seems to me that today the sneezing has mostly gone away, but he still sounds very horse and still phlegmy whenever he moves around.

Just wanted to know what members' experiences are with when these meds should really kick in?

many thx in advance
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