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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Tis the season and if it is where you live and walk your dog I think I will post this alert, based on a conversation today. It seems some people think bow hunters are using the old fashioned bow and arrow you may have played with as a kid or tried out in gym class or summer camp.

Some folks may indeed be hunting with these. A relative is a champion competitive archer and devoted hunter and he does. But more likely the bow hunter is using a compound bow or a crossbow. These latter are much more deadly, have a greater range and the hunter does not have to be nearly as close to you as he would with the old type. This greater distance might come into play if you and your dog, or the deer, were walking across the edge of a bean field or a harvested corn field. Both places where deer and hunter might be.

Today someone pooh poohed the likliehood of being shot by a bow hunter.
Bow hunting is legal on Sunday where I am. Anybody is free to assess risk themselves and act as they deem fit but acting on eroneous information is foolish. If you knew this, great. If not please take heed. Wear a reflective vest and or hat. I wear a hat as well since I'm quite grey and I look like the backside of a deer. If you don't want to take these simple, easy precautions for your own safety please, at least, don't make a target of yourself by wearing a white hat. I put a bell on my dog and some put vests on them too.
A woman was in her back yard and had on white gloves and a hunter shot and killed the woman. I think this happen in Maine. I hunter was found not to be guilty! I wear a white hat when I walk in the woods . I better buy a new hat.
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