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Hi, I have to add my thanks to rescuing. That said I think you mentioned Truman is 6 years old, so I don't really think of him as a "senior" yet. Mature maybe. I think with a bit of TLC you will have many, many years of enjoyment with him. I saw your other thread and he's cute as a button, not overly large, so he's got lots of years ahead. I agree with the others, just give him some time and you'll see his confidence build and sooner than later he'll realize the grass isn't so bad on this side of the fence! We don't free feed either, I know when my dog eats, in five minutes she's ready to go outside. She has a very steady schedule this way. I also agree that if he associates you with the greatness of food, it will speed the bonding. Lastly, I can't recall if you've done this or not, but a good group training class will also help the both of you to bond and will help Truman to look to you for direction.
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