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Originally Posted by Kovarr View Post
Hoping someone can reccommend an escape-proof harness. Our mixed dog Bonnie (setter sized and shaped) has this little trick that makes it impossible to walk her. She does not pull, walks along with you quite nicely. But the minute you try to end the walk, she rears up on her back legs, lowers her head, does this amazing shrugging action, and her harness just slips off. She does all this in about a second, so we can't prevent it from happening. We -are- going to be working on stopping it, but we can't train her not to do it if we can't even take her outside. She is a very deep chested dog, and all the harnesses we have seen are not long enough to reach back past her chest to go around her belly. Has anyone seen any good, large, harnesses that are long or have some sort of band that goes around behind the back legs to prevent a backing out of the harness?
Have you tried a gentle leader ?
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