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Transitioning Senior Dog from Shelter to Home

Greetings, all! We just brought home a new doggie-baby yesterday from the local shelter. His name is Truman, and he's an older guy- about 6 years old. The last few months were pretty rough for him- his original owner passed away, and the owner's daughter took him in and completely neglected him. This led to UPI and some skin problems from a flea infestation. He's been in two different shelters since the daughter brought him in three months ago. I really want to do what's best for baby, and I could use some pointers. All of the information and paperwork that came home with him was really new-puppy-related, and not so helpful to me.

First of all, I want to get him on a good feeding schedule. They free-fed at the shelter. I fed him last night, and he ate most of it. This morning, he couldn't be less interested. He's much more clingy today, and doesn't want to leave my side. How long should I leave food out for him?

On the flip side of that, there's walking. Everyone at the shelter wanted me to know that he is housebroken, and has never had an accident in the entire time he's been there. He goes 15 hours at night without an accident. Sure enough, he hasn't here, either. However, I don't think he's ever been on a leash before. I can tell he's really trying to get the hang of it, though. He hates walking on the grass, and that's a necessity- the only pavement around here is the road. Last night, I tried to force him to stay on the grass and he tried to chew through the leash. And he hasn't pooped yet. I'm concerned that he's so well trained that's he's going to make himself sick.

We're going to visit the vet at the beginning of next week, so I could use all the advice I can get in the meantime.

Thanks again, guys!!!
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