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Blood/Crystals in Urine

Last week my 8 year old male mini Schnauzer had his vaccinations and got put on meds to get rid of tapeworm - yuk! I also had a small mole removed from his back. So he's had lots of stuff going on lately. a couple days ago I noticed his pee looked like it had some blood in it. He pees alot and at the end when he's squeezing it out, it's red.

So, I took a urine sample to the vet. She phoned today and said that she didn't notice any bacteria and did notice some small crystals. She said I need to book him for an xray and that he may need to get surgery to remove stones.

Is there anything I can try first to get rid of the crystals? he's on natural balance bison and sweet pototoe now. He seems fine, eats well, drinks lots.
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