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I seem to get all sorts of pain with the knee now, lindapalm, if I do too much. Sometimes it can be too much bending down pulling weeds, too much walking, or just turning the wrong way, pivotting, so when I take Jarrah to Obedience on Sunday(hopefully) I will have to be careful. None of the excruciating pain that came if I rolled over while asleep, prior to the op. though. I don't limp either, just walk a bit slower.
Hazel, my garden had became a jungle, the rose beds were full of weeds, particularly out in what used to be a small sheep paddock, so I couldn't put the irises into the ground . It's taken till now to catch up after the op.. In this first photo, that big stump of a gum tree behind the mower has 20 roses in a circular bed around it and today I weeded all that, plus mowed in there, and in this second area I mowed it so I can lay a track there tomorrow for Jarrah. I feel good enough to want to weed some more beds tomorrow but the weather might be against me.
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