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And we went to the vet. But before let me tell you that I couldn't make a video for the vet because the spasm just wasn't there (and I am extremely glad)
I did tell the vet about it, described it he asked a few questions like if I saw any limping, lethargic, less appetite, less thirst, less use of the litter box to all of these questions my answer was no, no, no, and no. She is perfectly normal except for that and it doesn't happen anymore.
He did a general check up (she was overdue anyway) and found everything in place except for her teeth (she has a tar problem), updated her vaccines except rabies which is not overdue yet and gave her an antiparasite medicine that goes in the back on the skin, to both of them Bo and Scully.
Everything went well until in the middle of the afternoon I hear smacking lips sound and to my horror I saw Scully with 2 strands of thick saliva hanging from her mouth! I was so scared. I called the vet immediately. I checked her gums as they advised, normal color. The slime like saliva went away she asked me for food, I played with her later and she was happily responding and alert. The vet told me to keep an eye on her and if something came up take her in tomorrow but that I shouldn't worry too much about it and that it's not any of the symptoms of an adverse effect related to the shots...
But here's MY theory. I think she licked the medication on her back and it was foul and made her nauseous hence giving her that hyper salivation (It's not Frontline and it's not Profender but it's by Bayer too and it's also for worms not at home atm. Watching the kitties by webcam from here) I don't know how the vet didn't think of this I checked on line by name and it says that one possible side effect is heavy drooling if they ingest it. Says it on every website.
After the drooling everything went back to normal, playing, eating but I must say she was in a very cranky mood, hissing at Mulder even and attacking Bo (nothing serious more of a warning kind of thing) I guess it's because of all what she went through on Friday and I think that deworming thing made her nauseous because she did smack her lips every now and then especially if she groomed.

Bo got all his shots and he took a blood test just for my peace of mind. It'll be ready in a couple of days (I guess by Tuesday)
The bill almost made me faint, I literally felt light headed for a sec hehe but what are you going to do.
" How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
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