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Originally Posted by LavenderRott View Post
Come is the easiest and the hardest command to train. A couple of quick tips - first, only use the word "come" when you can enforce it. Start on a standard leash and make it fun! Certainly use a great treat - responding to the command should mean that wonderful things happen! As she comes reliably on a short lead (and please remember - only use the word "come" once) then start using a longer one.

The second tip is this - only use the word "come" once! If you keep repeating it, then the dog learns that listening to it is optional. This is one command that is NOT optional!

Just out of curiosity - have you had her hearing checked? Is it possible that maybe she doesn't hear well?
Thanks! I have a long weekend this weekend so i'll spend some time with her for sure and try this out!

Her hearing hasn't been checked, but i know she can hear, you say her name and she'll turn her ears towards you, but she just chose not to listen. She can be a brat!
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