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OOOoooooo May I say, BEAUTIFUL!!!! She's a dead ringer for several sled dogs we had of the same mix! Amazing dogs and very, very smart. My advice to you would be to find a way to run her constructively. If you have a bike, you can check out ''springers'', if you are a jogger, check out ''canicross'', if you cross country ski, check out skijoring. There are also scooters made specifically for excersizing sled dogs. Build her up slowly and make your running time a whole lot of fun and you'll see her confidence and your bond with her increase in leaps and bounds.
Starting her out on a longish leash on walks will help. When she wants to, let her walk in front of you. When you want to make a turn, say "gee" for a right turn and "haw" for a left turn. Make the turn yourself and gently guide her in your chosen direction and reward with praise and fun. It won't take her long until she gets it. LOL ''Whoa'' (stop) is also useful. "On by'' means go past distractions like other dogs, people, etc. All of this can be taught at the walk and prove very useful if you proceed to running. The most important thing to do is to do everything with a light heart and joy.
All of this will help her develop into the dog she is meant to be and her rough beginning in life will soon be replaced with a confident, fun filled future.
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