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Lots of invasive plants wouldn't be invasive here, Hazel. I'm starting to think that Lucerne trees may be a problem, but I can cut them down and feed them to the sheep, and I know we planted Sparaxi bulbs a long time ago and they thought they could take over the world. Got rid of them, and apparently Gazanias grow like weeds here too. Not so the Tamarisks though and the sheep love to nibble on them whenever they get a chance, the only thing I dislike about them is the amount of dead wood on them.
Barkingdog, you won't believe it but my speakers could be past their use by date, I think they died about 3 days ago. I can't view the video until I check them out. Oh, I could SEE the video, just not HEAR it. And maybe I don't want to. When I turn this off I will check all the wiring.
My sister said there have been lots of cattle dogs get tracking titles, DD, so no, she's not special. She's very switched on in that she notices everything new or different in her surroundings, but interesting for me to see her use her nose. My first ACD girl was out of a bitch that became an Australian Obedience Ch, so of course that one had to track, and yes, her daughter had a great nose. I always smile when I recall her reaction when my mother, whom she adored, sent me a crocheted cover for my lounge. Snoopy caught her scent and went back and forth along it, wagging her tail , and smiling, you'd swear mum was actually here. Then there was BJ who didn't want to retrieve a tennis ball, who didn't want to retrieve half a tennis ball, she wanted to retrieve little bits about half the size of your little finger nail. LOL. Chewed off bits. Of course they got lost in the grass but obviously she loved tracking the scent, then she'd come to where I was sitting and place it very carefully on my knee. I do miss her and her little quirks.
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