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Originally Posted by Alayambo View Post
I mentioned non-recognition aggression to him and he said he'd never heard of it before but it sort of made sense because Kiri's smell is so different. The bloodwork came back today and everything was just fine except for some dehydration. He's recommending the antibiotics again to see if that does anything so I'll pick those up tomorrow morning.

When I came home from work today I gave Killer some wet food and even though she ate it, she ended up vomiting it up a couple minutes later. Does this sound like it could be a blockage or something?
I would keep an eye on this , if your cat vomit up her food again I would have the vet check her out, it could be a blockage . What are the side effect of the antibiotics , does it cause cats to vomit? Or maybe she has a fur ball that causing her to vomit.
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