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Originally Posted by kitona View Post
Have you taken her to any training classes? It might help to do short, pleasent, focused training routines when you have her near enough to a crowd but far enough away so that you still have her attention. Praise, treat and remove her from crowd proximity. Next time, see if you can approach a little closer but let her dictate what she's comfortable with. Clicker training works like a hot dang for this.
For the long term, giving her a job to do would be a huge confidence builder. What does she like to do? What is she good at? Agility-type stuff? Tracking-type stuff? Help her find her talents and develop them. Try her at as many different dog sports as you can. If there is something that she really enjoys, go with it!
you know I just found her talent....oddly enough she's amazing at running beside the bike(she's afraid of all other moving wheels.go figure huh!!)and she loves doing it...we have some trouble turning right but we are working on it.i think it gives her confidence because now she is running with the pack and she loooovvvveeeesss to run(thats the lab in her lol)
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