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In my opinion Spay/neuter is a political issue bacause of the huge number of stray and feral animals. The Hamilton high volume kill shelter or better animal control kills several thousands of unwanted cats each year despite their efforts to cooperate with rescue groups.
The animal control facility in London, ON euthanizes over 20 cats in a week (average). Despite their cooperation with anyone who wants to adopt a cat from them. These are only 2 little examples but the list could be endless.

It is a big shame that in the GTA the low cost high volume spay/neuter is not yet solved (I mean accessible for anyone). I am horrified that there is any veterinarian who bills around 300 CAD for a surgery which is so important to prevent animal suffering.
Again, in my opinion spay/neuter is NOT a surgery like any other but a POLITICAL and ETHICAL ISSUE!

That said, please take a look at the links below. Most of them are about a HUMANE, ETHICAL ANIMAL CONTROL in the Third (!!!) World.
Would you think that in this part of Argentina they are SO FAR AHEAD of Canada?
That they realized already what every human who loves pets are still dreaming of in the GTA?

Please read and SPREAD this information as this is REAL HELP and REAL HUMANE PET POPULATION CONTROL.
Maybe at some point the powerful veterinary associations of Canada get a feeling of shame and would be then more cooperative in preventing animal suffering.

(if the link does not work then please google: Municipality
of Almirante Brown Argentina Ethical Animal Control Program )

Here you can see how fast a spay surgery can be done:
That means if the vet is skilled and has bothered to learn this technique at all, that is. But I am afraid that many vets are not really interested in this as it is more convenient to operate in the old way and bill then 300 bucks...

As it goes, the Ethical Animal Control Program of Almirante Brown was challenged by the local veterinary association as then wanted more bucks for themselves... Here is the worldwide protest campaign... against the vet group who wanted the Ethical Animal Control Program to END.
(The protest was a success so the program could be continued.)
For veterinarians there are detailed descriptions of these kind of surgeries below the protest campaign (please scroll down).

That is the state of the art humane & ethical animal control, not the thousands and thousands of euthanasia done in the GTA.....


P.s.: in Europa declawing is considered animal cruelty and is a crime. I am HORRIFIED that in Canada it can be legal. It is barbarism!!!
Even if this barbarism is very convenient for some pet owners and very profitable for veterinarians.
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