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Start doing some scent work with him. Take some string cheese and tie it to a long string. Drag it all over your yard, deck etc in a fun pattern, end the trail with a piece of the cheese. Then ask him to find it and teach him to track. Yes, there are lots of details to teaching a dog to track (you can google it) but even the simplest components can be entertaining.

You can create all kinds of fun scent games. Take 8 small/med. cardboard boxes and hide a treat in one and have him pick the right box.

Take a muffin tin and put a little treat in one cup and cover the cups with a appropriately sized rock in each cup. Then have him scent out the treat.

Take a favorite toy or new bone and hide it in the house. Help him the first few times but then have him hunt out his own bones/toys.

Use your imagination and start creating games that involve his talents and give you both fun games to play together.
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