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Beagle won't use side yard

Hi.. Wonder if someone can advise me.

I adopted what I believe is a rescue beagle which used to live in a home, but the owner moved to a condo which didn't allow pets.

It's very sweet, not at all aggressive and for the longest time didn't pee or poop in the home. I had a dog door out to the back deck (16 foot by 70 foot) and walked it etc. Eventually, it began finding corners and unused rooms to pee in and would wait till I wasn't in the room to mark a corner or furniture etc. (I do understand this is normal dog behavior), but after losing $2500 worth of carpet and incurring a lot of cleaning bills, I decided it would be better to keep him in a dog house outside and let him in when I could keep an eye on him.

Everything worked pretty well. To vary his activity, I installed a 100 foot zipline in the front yard and would hook him up to that. And finally, I built a 24 foot by 12 foot fenced area that connects to the deck by means of a short staircase. And I take him to a large fenced dog park locally to mix with other dogs.

If he breaks free, he's gone for days till someone calls me. We have wild animals up here and cars that should be watching for animals, but don't (the deer massacre is in full swing right now). So I try to be careful of him breaking loose as he pays no attention to anything but whatever scent he's following.

His behavior baffles me. On the zipline, he pulls as close as possible to the house and sits down. He runs around the deck but will not go into the side yard (even when tempted with treats). When we go to the dog park, he just sniffs around a bit and comes back to where I'm reading. But boy! If he breaks free, he's gone!

Why does he not enjoy any of the 'outside' environment like the zipline, side yard or dog run if he's that thrilled to go chase deer when he breaks free?

Thx in advance!
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