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Originally Posted by Larkin View Post
Well, we decided to try her on solid foods. She is eating softened oatmeal and drinking up formula and water.
She did start this behavior/choking at first when she ate, but then we haven't seen it as of Saturday or today.
I think she was either choking or possibly eating to fast?
She's fat bellied and playing and sleeping-along with voiding and stooling!

To answer your question-there is no one that I know around that would rehab a deer mouse orphan! People look at me like I'm crazy but oh well.

Barkingdog-I watched that video too. The mouse didn't like the paintbrush. She preferred to lap up droppers of formula from the crevice of my hand rather than the paint brush or the dropper directly. (another hint it may have been too big). I still give her a couple of feedings this way because I'm concerned she's not drinking enough and misses the bonding.
I wonder if you had a hand puppet that looked like a mouse would help make the mouse feel safer. Are you going to keep the mouse for a pet? wild mice are cute.
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