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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post
Sadly Clark cannot be off leash with other dogs there will surely be a fight and Clark will be the aggressor. Too many people,dogs or too much noise make him very tense and edgy. So since I know this about my dog I will not put him or any other dog in danger. I do not go where there are off leash dogs or should not be off leash. But I am sick of people who think they have control of their dogs after they call them 10 times then have to physically go get them. If they really had control over there dogs I would be fine with them off leash.
I bring Marty to parks where dogs are not allowed off their leash at any time, but there will be one person that has their dog running lose. We have not gone back to the woods yet but I love to go there in the winter after a fresh snow fall. My dog loves it too. I love dogs but I do not love having a dog put me at risk of falling and this is what get me so up set with dogs owners that do not follow the leash laws.
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