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Originally Posted by wcpmcp View Post
One of our kittens got hurt somehow; either fell or something. Anway she hurt her left back leg. Xray shows crack where her leg fastens to her pevis. Also her pelvis is separated from her spine. Vet has assured me both will heal. However he is afraid she has nerve damage as she is knuckling her paw. We have her on cage rest. This happened not quite a week ago. Vet wants to keep her on cage rest for at least 3 to 4 weeks. He is hoping the nerve damage is temporary; if not, he is saying we might have to amputate her leg. My question is, do kittens get over this 100% or how often is amputation necessary. Worried in Nebraska.
My daughter cat got hurt some how and was not able to move his back legs.
he had pull his body around with front legs . He was med for about 3 weeks and he recovered. The vet was not sure if the cat had an old injury as it was rescued cat . I hope your cat will have a full recovery .
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