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Chyna had a long night, but she's hanging in there. She drank a decent amount of water throughout the day. I didn't notice her sneaking anywhere to urinate though. Also, I forced her to eat the EnerCal supplement/stimulant (which has a list of, like, 25 vitamins on the back). After some other food ideas didn't work, I had to give her a couple syringe shots of a liquified beef cat food. And, in case she wanted to go in the night, I had her comfortable with a favorite shirt, food, water, etc. She was still laying there alive and lethargic when I woke up this morning.

At this point, I think I'll keep trying different ideas. Hopefully her lethargy and lack of appetite are mainly do to the shot. I hadn't really considered that before reading online, but she was still eating half a can of cat food in the days before the shot. Our usual vet (who's the popular/award-winning vet in our area) isn't in on Sundays, but there's a second vet in the area in case of any emergencies. I'm not sure if I should keep nursing Chyna for another day, or have her hooked to IV's at this other vet -- who's actually hurt one of our animals years ago.
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