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Originally Posted by growler~GateKeeper View Post
A few things to try to up the interest in eating is try topping the food with small amounts of:
parmesan cheese
BBQ chicken without the skin
deli meat
crushed kibble
melted butter
any human food she likes

Did you try to put a dab of food on her paw? Is she licking it off? Might be enough to get her interested in food again

Right now the focus is to get her to eat anything, at this point it doesn't have to be cat food

You can also try to give her plain no spices added chicken human baby food, try cooked chicken breast, scrambled eggs, cooked ground beef, liver you can buy it from grocery store (if she'll eat raw meat you can try it uncooked or lightly sear the outside or fully cooked), cooked ham even the deli meat is usually a big hit

Call your vet as soon as they open to ask about using a different appetite stimulant since that one isn't working.

Did your vet mention giving Subcutaneous fluids for the kidney issue? I've dealt with kidney failure in cats and they always feel better after getting fluids - less tired, more apt to eat etc

In addition to Growlers excellent suggestions is pulverized freeze dried salmon/chicken or what ever flavour is her favourite sprinkled on her food. You can find this in higher end pet food stores.

Was any bloodwork and urinalysis done to determine exactly what is going on with your kitty and the extent of damage done to the kidneys?

Good luck.

Was the shot Convenia? Here is a thread that discussed this medication
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