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Missing cat Brossard

To set the record straight, SPCA Monteregie does not have the contract for Brossard. AMR Animal Services (Refuge AMR) has the contract. Check their website for photos of animals they have picked up. There was recently a story (Brossard Eclair) where they picked up a mother cat leaving the two kittens to fend for themselves. The cat was euthanized within hours. And this cat was abducted from the backyard of the kind person who was feeding her. With Brossard's newly created and poorly thought out animal control bylaw it would appear that it is now open season on any cat that is left outside in Brossard. Better to keep you cats inside. Another story in the Brossard Eclair this past year concerned a cat who was shot in the leg resulting in amputation of the leg. If you must leave your cat outside, make sure there is a collar with identification. As to the new bylaw which the mayor stated was formulated with the help of the SPCA (HE doesen't state what SPCA), there has been much opposition. Now the mayor has stated that this bylaw will be re-examined. Hopefully the public will have the chance to take part. His last gang of experts (unidentified) leaves much to be desired. You can read the details of this bylaw at Ville de Hope you found your cat. He or she appears to have a collar. I do not want to get your expectaions up but there is a white and black cat hanging around my backyard with the black cat that I have been trying to find a home for years. Very fearfull but I will try to post a picture. Good luck.
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