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I really appreciate your concern and the time each one of you took to reply with thoughtful answers.
@Barkingdog The link was very helpful. Actually last night I was talking to my sister who is a doctor (a doctor for humans though) I mean just to vent it out for some relief and she suggested some of the things Dr. Zoe says how she approaches that kind of issue. She kind of told me what to expect from the vet and that it probably will be tests. IF it's a neurological issue she walked me through a home made exam just for the time being while I take her to the vet. Since the neuro physical exams are similar to humans. Things such as check pupils response, have her follow my finger (or a toy) with her eyes and head, things of that sort.

@hazelrunpack Actually that's not so far off since cat's neurological system is very complex and similar to human beings. That's why sadly cats are used for awful tests and experiments for neurological related drugs, treatments and disorders. (and that breaks my heart big time)

@Reg Your suggestion it's indeed a possibility I've contemplated.. Because she doesn't seem to be in any pain (THANKS God) However I have noticed, particularly yesterday, more licking around the affected paw and side where she has the spasm. Yogi's symptoms do sound a lot like Scully's so far and for sure I'll keep this post updated and see how this progress. It'll help others that encounter similar issues as well.

As I type this post Scully is playing with Mulder, she seems happy and awake and pain free or at least quite as normal as usual. She ate all her meals, drank water and she just went pee like 20 mins ago or less.
The plan: I'm taking her to the vet this week, on Friday the 7th in the morning. I'm taking Bobandy for his routine check after being neutered so I'll do a 2 for 1 trip. I'm hoping she continues to do well in spite of the spasm from now to Friday.

I'll keep you informed
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