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Scully has a twitch/spasm in one paw

I really hesitated about starting this thread because I though I was crazy and paranoid (and maybe I am) but now I'm almost sure that ever since last night (I noticed almost 24 hours ago) I noticed something on Scully, some sort of involuntary movement in her right paw, she moves all the arm from the shoulder actually. It's very fast, it doesn't happen very often, not easy to catch that's why I thought I was imagining things and just now I went to pet her and "talk" to her and there it was! A quick spasm kind of thing in the paw and it's just once it doesn't seem to be a repeating spasm, once per time only. It can happen when she's asleep or awake.
Other than that she seems awake, affectionate, she has her appetite she played today but I'm really puzzled and uneasy about that twitch thing.
Has anyone heard, experienced or known of anything like this?
She's programed for a visit to the vet in 1 month (since before I noticed the paw thing) but who knows now I'm thinking maybe I should re-schedule earlier. The problem is when I go there the paw won't twitch and I'll look crazy
No but seriously, any clues?
She's spayed of course and 4 years old.

Update: The spasm actually goes all the way down to her hind leg but not always, sometimes all the way down, sometimes only from the shoulder to the paw and sometimes happens more often than others. I just saw it like 5 times in a row with a space of about 20 seconds in between and sometimes it takes way longer.
There is no doubt now. I'm worried.
Could it be a sing of something toxic she ingested? Low potassium? Or what could it be...
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