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The parks that allowed dogs off their leashes at certain times in my city are open to the the public at all times. Anyone can use it, dogs are allowed on leashes at the same time dogs are allowed to be off their leashes . I personally think this a bad idea as the dogs that are off their leashes have run of the whole park. My biggest issue is that dogs are NOT allowed to be run near the playground but it is OK to allow dogs to run lose around the woods when kids are there. I was hoping the city was putting up fenced off area for dogs that where off their leashes . I do not like to bring my small dog to a park that has dogs running lose so this it way I am fed up with dog owners that abused their
privilege to let their dogs run free. This is a privilege not a right , my city does not have to give dogs owners this privilege and I am in my rights to bring my dog to any park on his leash and any time of the day as long at the park it open.
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