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Originally Posted by mastifflover View Post
I agree I do not understand why some people feel they are above rules. I run into the problem with dogs off leash in non off leash parks. I take Clark there because all dogs are suppose to be on leash, he is not a dog friendly boy. When a dog runs up to play he sees it as aggressive and it is not pretty. And guess who they yell at duh. I call AC all the time and complain and have yet to see an officer there ever.
That has happen to me too. I take my dog to a park where dogs are not allowed off their leashes at any time. I told one woman to keep her dog away from my dog and me and told her dogs are not allowed to run lose at this park. The woman told me myself! I bet the AC will come around after a dog or kid get attacked by a dog at your park. I really love taking my dog to the woods as there are so many things for him to explore with his little nose. I love watching his nose wiggling a mile a minute. LOL!
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