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Bizarre pee behavior: My birthday gift

This morning Boobandy got me my birthday present. He jumped on the bed in a part where the duvet was in layers and fluffy, adopted a position lying on his belly on the bed but kind of weird I even thought he was humping the duvet for a second there but what he did to my horror and surprise is PEE RIGHT THERE on the duvet!!!!
First I was alarmed for the duvet being ruined then immediately I was worried that he wasn't OK and that's why he peed on it. He seems fine, appetite, plays, drinks.
What in heavens could that be? He had no regard whatsoever for us being there or not going to the litter. He's been with us for 1 month already and ever since day 1 he has used the litter box.
The only thing is that around 6 AM he got so crazy playing with Mulder he knocked over a chair, it was totally nuts so my husband put him in the spare room (where there's a litter box, a cat tree, a bed) but he's done that before once or twice and he never peed .
He's not neutered he has his appointment precisely for this Friday. He doesn't spray the place, he never peed before and certainly not on the bed or anywhere outside the litter.
Oh I should add he hasn't been excessively grooming his genital area, at least nothing unusual, he doesn't seem to be using the litter box more than usual either.
Any ideas what could this mean?
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