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Dogs Off Leash At Wrong Time in Park

I took Marty back to the woods today and it was during the hours dogs have to be on their leashes. We have not been there for awhile and we both enjoy it there. On the way back to our car a woman was at the entrance to the woods and she had her dog that was not on a leash and the owner was not carrying one with her. I told her to keep her dog away from my dog . I have real bad balance do not like having a dog running crazy around my dog. The woman let her dog come right up to my dog and was standing right over Marty with his face right over my dog back and the dog fur was raising on his back. I do not know if the dog was growling as I can't always hear that sound. I did tell the woman her dog belongs on a leash and she said she bring her dog everyday . I guess she feel she does not have to follow the rules.
I find it very frustrating that dog owners have from 7-10:30Am and from
4-7:30 Pm to let their dogs run free and yet they bring their dogs to the woods to run free when it not allowed. OK I am done with my ranting...
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