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Originally Posted by amoore9334 View Post
Hi - and thank you in advance for any help you can offer!
My family has just adopted a 3 year old, full blooded, male dachshund (neutered). He is a wonderful, sweet, well-behaved dog. We have had him for about a week and a half. We've never had an indoor dog. He is housetrained according to the person who fostered him and seems to be for the most part. We have been diligent about walking and letting him out to potty. About 3 days ago, he began to pee in the house. I have cleaned the carpet with Nature's Miracle and have gated him so he is confined to the kitchen. He was walked last night at 11:15. We take up his water at night per the foster mom's instructions. At 6:15 a.m, pee on the floor. I had put down a pee pad (do not know if he even knew what it was - obviously not as he wet right beside the pad). We had absolutely NO issues the first 6 days he lived with us. Last Thursday, however, I did switch his food from a commercial food to Blue Buffalo Wilderness thinking that would be a good thing. Could switching the food be the issue? The first accident was Saturday. Walked the dog and was gone for 1 hour - came home to pee on the carpet (thus confining him to the kitchen). As far as I know he's not crate trained - PetSmart suggested that, but I would rather give him more roam (my issue - probably just find - don't know). I want to do what's best for the dog absolutely. Please help and thank you!!!!
It could separation anxiety that causing your dog to have accidents in the house. When I brought my new dog home his separation anxiety was so bad he was getting into the bathtub while I took a shower . could you try to
pretend to go out and not made a fuss and come back in a few minutes and slowly work it up to a hour?
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