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Originally Posted by sammiec
I wonder if Luba's Oregano oil would help this little guy??

As most know Blaze came with demodex too as a puppy.
It's the hardest thing to watch your dog suffer while going through this. Luba told me about oregano oil, I bought it and gave it daily for mths. This can take mths to rid but remember as the mites die they are still making the dog itchy. Build the immune system all you can, I gave fish oil to help with red burning skin it works. Blaze is now one yr and I still watch and check his skin, it can come back. It took him 6 mths to stop chewing and for the skin to start to return to normal. Our Vet said benadryl 25mg 3 times daily
it helped Blaze no steriods for a puppy not good. Good luck. there is a light at the end of the tunnel..

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