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Smile Dog has bead knee, how to control the pain till surgery

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. Sage does have a cruciate ligament tear. I had two x-rays done the other day. One of her hips (just to make sure nothing is going on there) and the other of her right knee. My vet said "She will eventually need surgery on the knee". I do have Rimadyl for her as well as DogGonePain (DGP) a herbal anti-inflamitory supplement. Also Trimodol for pain, as needed. I do carry VPI pet insurance for her - thank goodness.

I was hoping that with a brace, leash walks only, increased (see is on 2000mg of GLucosamine and 400mg of Chondrotine now) supplementation of Glucosamine and Chondrotine I could avoid the surgery. However, what I am hearing here and from a seminar/training CPR/Emergency class I attended yesterday put on my ACCES (Animal Critical Care and Emergency Services) that is really not the best choice. The ligament may heal incorrectly and it will be weak and prone to more injury.

I will google the Carthophen and research that as well. Thank you. The vet in the class yesterday also said fish oil. I suppose for lubrication of the joints.

Sage is a certified search dog for missing animals with Missing Pet Partnership ( located here in Federal Way WA. Anything she needs will happen . For now our hiking and search days are coming to a screaching halt till she has her surgery in October (early October). We are heading for Arizona on Wednesday and will return Monday the 1st of October. She is being boarded at the vet so she will be under good care. On our return I will set up the surgery date ASAP.

I have not changed her food as of yet. My vet's recommendation was to change to Hills Science Veterinary Perscription J/D due to the supplements in the food for joints. The veterinarian in the class yesterday really liked my home food (mainly the kale and celery for arthritis) He said to increase the pumpkin and brown rice. However, I have also read that when making home food it does not always have all the nutiritional supplements the dogs need so it is necessary to include a good quality kibble.

Thank you so much to you all. I will keep you posted.

Kristina and Sage
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