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I need my dog to gain weight! :)

Good Morning!

I have a question about my dog Bear. He is a one year old (approximate, we do not know exact age since we adopted him) Border Collie X. When we adopted him, he was underweight. He was 44 lbs when we brought him home. I was SO excited when he hit 50 lbs, and he looked great! But, unfortunately Mr. Bear got very sick about three/four weeks ago It was the hardest week of my life! He had to be rushed into the vet, where he was dehydrated, and very lethargic. To make a long story short, he had something in his tummy/intestines which had to be removed surgically. He is back to his old self, and that is great!! The bad part....from being so sick, my poor baby Bear lost about 8 lbs or so It breaks my heart because he looks so skinny, his little hip bones are visible. I NEED to get his weight back up.

My question....should I just keep on feeding him normally and let it gradually come back, or, should I be adding something to his diet to make him gain faster? Both of my dogs are on Horizon Legacy Salmon formula.

I had someone suggest putting him back on puppy food (I would use the Horizon Legacy Puppy) for a bag or two, since it has a higher fat I wanted to ask on here since I know there are some very knowledgeable people on here!

Thank you so much!
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