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Originally Posted by hotrodwright View Post
I have just joined this forum after locating it by accident when I was searching for answers for a health issue my Lab/Border Collie (Sage) is having. I located one on this site that a member was having the same problem. Sage started having problems getting up. At first I thought she was getting arthritic. She was already being given Glucosamine w/Chondrotin and on a good brand (Natural Recipe Grain Free) of kibble along with home made food (chicken/turkey, carrots, sweet potatoe, pumpkin, green beans, kale, celery). She was still running and playing and we were still hiking and being very active. However, on coming home and after resting she would struggle to get up. I took her to the vet and he checked her rotation of her hips, strechted her legs out and said she was fine. Probably arthitis setting in. Well, yesterday after our morning walk, which was short as she was lagging behind and just looked like she was not haveing much fun at all, she come limping into my office (I work from home) with the right leg lifted up, tapping her toe on the floor and poking me with her hose (Pretty obvious communication I'd say on her part). I made an appt at the vet and had her there within the hour for x-rays. They did have to sedate her. Took two x-rays, her hips are in great shape, but the right knee is NOT :-(.

Diagnosis: Surgery is innevidable. Luckily I have VPI pet insurance. Rest and stay off the leg as much as possible. Change her over to Hills Perscription Science Diet J/D and keep anti-inflammatory and pain pills available.

I found the following product online VETIONX - Arhtro-Ionx for dogs. Has anyone heard of or used this product? Also, DGP - Dog Gone Pain from the health food store. I have a supply of Rimadyl but prefer to only use this on an as need basis.

Suggestions welcome.

Thank you - Kristina and Sage
Why did you have to change her food to Hills dog food when it is her knee that hurting? I think the food is a waste of money , my dog never did my better on it. I found knee brace for dogs on line just now, I would ask your vet if that would be OK to use.

My dog has tricks knees and had to have his knees popped back into place. Does your dog sleep in bed with you,if so can put a ramp up for her?
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