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Originally Posted by dmskraba View Post
Yes, my heart aches for the poor kitty. I think the Have-a-Heart trap scared him so much that he isn't going to go back in, so I need to find a different trap (any ideas?) and place it somewhere new.
I'm afraid his disability makes it hard for him to be a good hunter, and his brother seems to be getting most of what I'm leaving out. I'm worriedd about poor little Boots.
With weak cats or kittens I have successfully used a simple drop trap.

This is a large "box" (perhaps a large, clear Rubbermaid container), supported on one end by a stick, with a long string going to the concealed "hunter". Pulling the string drops the trap. Of course, this does involve manually triggering the trap on stake-out but it can work.

Then, carefully slide a firm thin board under the box, trapping the cat. Duct tape the board to the box and then have two people carry it off to a place you can transfer him to a transport container.

Of course, if you can lure him into a large warm kitty house as you suggested, that is even better. You need to build it so you can efficiently remove a portion of it, and then snag him.
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