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Originally Posted by Etown_Chick View Post
Good point. Those things are not silent as well as deadly.
I walk in city parks, mostly, but sometimes go on Crown land.
Thanks for the reminder.
It's also duck season here, and there's nothing like shot falling out of the sky and landing on your head...sigh.
This also a very good point, thanks. You might be surprized to learn, In ONtario anyway, that it is legal to shoot across a trail. I learned this when a load of shot went across the trail, mostly down on the trail, just ahead of me one day. It's the craziest rule ever. They can't shoot ON the trail and they can't shoot FROM the trail but they can shoot across the trail.

In my case it was the Trans Canada Trail. Big enough to drive a truck down, which is done for trail maintenance. And therein lies a key; if the roadway, trail is open to everyday vehicular traffic they can't shoot across it. Snowmobiles, dirt bikes, ATVS don't count as vehicular traffic. Let alone people on bicycles or horses or walking their dog.

And, everyplace I used the word "can't" please substitute "aren't supposed to."

In our experience the man who owned the land on one side of the trail shot across to different ownership on the other side. He did NOT have permission to hunt on the other side, he simply did not realize how far his shot was travelling. He is my neighour. Due to heavy scrub bush on his land I never even saw him that day.
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