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Old & declawed vs 1 yr w/claws

Abu is 14, declawed in front, and hasn't had to deal with other cats in quite a few years now. My son had to move back in, and brought his 8 month old male, w/claws. Until about the last month, all was good. Now, Abraham (he is now 14 mos.) chases Abu, grabs his hind quarters with his claws, and takes him down like a tiger would a gazelle. Abu can't defend himself, so I clap loudly, then crate Abraham. After a month of this, Abraham will not stop. If my son planned on staying permanently, I would make him declaw Abraham, then allow whoever to be dominant. Abu's hind quarters are starting to get tender (no signs of infection). I started putting food and water into my bedroom and giving Abu time out breaks too, so Abraham isn't spending as much time in a crate. Abu has even started asking for the time outs! HELP!
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