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Originally Posted by scottyxx View Post
OK, weird question, but if you have seen my other post my wee guy has been sick.

So I got him the Felidae food on Monday hes been on it since then until tonight, his poops have been solid. Woo hoo!

Today however, I foolishly ran out, and gave him limited ingredients food. A few hours later he had the runny poo.

What do you think is to blame, could the second food affect him so quickly? or is it possibly the Felidae taking 2 days to affect him?

Thanks as always!!
Hmm. I'm not too sure but I'm almost positive that it could be the limited ingredient food affecting him a few hours later. It could go through his system that fast. Poor guy! Maybe you should try him on some pumpkin, it could help solidify his poop. What brand was the limited ingredient food?
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