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Sorry it took so long to respond to this! I did speak with Dr. Marsden about a month ago. He said he was going to do some research on it. We saw him yesterday and he said he had actually met with Dr. Jean Dodds and they went over Nookies history. Due to his auto-immune disorders and a tendency towards Hemolytic Anemia, she recommends we avoid Zonismide as it is in the sulfa drug class, and those are known for bringing on IMHA as well as possibly allowing all the auto-immune issues/symptoms to come flooding back (Dr. Marsden has most of it pretty well under control now). Which also explains why he doesn't use any sulfa-type antibiotics for Nookies bladder issues. He asked that we give him a few months to try and get them under control again (assuming the seizures are not due to a brain tumor), and if we can't manage it with the chinese herbs, we will try potassium bromide. So we agreed. He's given us our beautiful boy for 2 years longer than we should have had him, so he definitely has our trust. I'll let you know how things go, and thank you again for taking the time to repost all this info for me. I really do appreciate it

How is Keely doing now? Have you weened her off the pheno yet? Give both her and Connor hugs for me
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