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Originally Posted by Cookiesmom View Post
Wow! what a great thread! Last night I was looking for information on lipoma's as my 8 year old collie went in for surgery this morning for removal of a large lipoma on her chest. So glad I came across this thread, even though it is a few years old, it has provided me with so much helpful information. Thank you everyone who contributed to this, especially Pepper's mom. I just called my vet and Cookie's surgery was successful, no nerve damage thankfully. This was a concern as it looked like the lipoma may have extended to her armpit area. She has a drain in her for a few days, but is recuperating at the vets and I will bring her home later this afternoon.

So glad I found this thread as it really helped to ease my mind. Everyone who contributed on here were awesome!
I am so glad this thread helped you. Pepper had a drain in her overnight only but had to wear pads over her incision for several days after the drain was removed. She stayed at the vet overnight as I'm sure you read ,mostly because of the blood she had been losing prior to the surgery.

She had an uneventful recovery from the surgery but her main meal was chicken livers to bring her iron and hemoglobin level back up and give her strength. I feel the chicken liver was the thing that really helped her get strong again, but unlike cookie, Pepper had been bleeding under the lipoma prior to surgery. She really found it so much easier to get around after the huge lump was gone and seemed much happier.

It makes me feel good knowing this thread helped someone else with their pup. So glad Cookie did well, please feel free to add to this thread as she gets better. It may be helpful to someone else to hear Cookie's story too.
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