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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Now that full pic of her looks like she may have some wolf in her as her legs look very long for her body, as a wolf would have.

I see pittie in her too.
Those are pictures of her brothers unless you found a pic of her that I missed. I couldn't really post an image of her beside of a wolf dog and have people suspect she came from mission wolf. I do agree they have those long legs. The back legs are very wolf like as well on one of them. I liked your response best because no human is capable of replacing whole genome sequencing. We can only give an educated guess. I would like to see full body pics of her though. My eldest daughter has decided to sponsor her. The dogs you saw, Batman, Buko and Oreo are still up for grabs. (just joking a dog can be sponsored by many people if they so wish)
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