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Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
I'm not voting. That small photo is nearly half in shadow, on my monitor, and it's only a head shot. Not anywhere near enough of the animal is visible to see if there is any apparent wolf heritage. Not to mention characteristics can be hidden in appearance yet show up in movement and/or behaviour and we are not privy to ways to see that either. If the question had been Does this dog LOOK part wolf I would still say there is not enough to see to tell by.

Is this a trick question to see how many people will fall into snap judgements with little to go on? If so, good one.
It's not a trick question, just the only photo available of her. There are pictures available of her brothers and they are all head shots. I thought it was a fun exercise. Being that the picture is so bad I will reveal the source now. Also "Is this a trick question to see how many people will fall into snap..." seems like a rhetorical question/accusation based on much projection from your part. It turns the post into character assassination. Let's not go there please.

She and her brothers were born to wolf-dog parents on their way to mission wolf in 2009. The whole litter is up for sponsorship in the membership section of Mission Wolf. When I sponsor a dog I never pick the prettiest wolves who more than likely will be easily sponsored. I like to sponsor an animal that may not get that many sponsors.

I think her and her brothers might not draw the attention that some of the other animals do. I'm a big fan of Mission Wolf. I think drawing attention to the plight of these animals in a fun way is a good idea.

Sorry I will ask Kent if he can post bigger portraits. Many of the wolves have portraits that include the legs. I know that they state that one of her brothers has the long lanky wolf legs but they don't show them either.

This is a photo of Asia. I am definitively going to sponsor this little girl next.

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