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Originally Posted by MicheleR25 View Post
I am confused, stressed and can't think of anything that will help (or anywhere that can take him).
That actually reminds me of another article, to do with how *our* stress affects our cats:

I know, doesn't really help, does it? It's like telling a person not to think about elephants, which then only causes them to think about elephants. To say "stop being so stressed", when the situation is truly stressful, only ADDS further to the stress.

Just to throw more ideas out there, I wonder if giving Houdini Cosequin would benefit him in any way. Here's a link on why: Feline Bladder Health

Herbal supplements like corn silk and/or marshmallow root powder can help sooth the lining of the bladder. Slippery elm bark powder is another option.

How do you feel about animal communicators? I realize the concept is a bit off-the-wall and may not be for everyone, plus it costs more money that you don't have, but I thought I'd go out on a limb and mention it as a last resort. I have used one in the past for situations with a couple of my cats and it did provide some fascinating insight.

I really hope you can figure something out.
"To close your eyes will not ease another's pain." ~ Chinese Proverb

“We must not refuse to see with our eyes what they must endure with their bodies.” ~ Gretchen Wyler
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